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When you’re starting out in business, creating your own business from scratch or just concentrating on building your business, there’s going to be many hours you need to dedicate in your office to this task.

Having a central place to work or an office gives you a sense of purpose and a place to operate your business, a place to meet with clients and somewhere to build collaboration with your peers, colleagues and workmates. But what if you run an online business, home-based business, you’re just starting out or you need to look at alternatives to expensive inner city renting or leasing?

When thinking about office space for your business, it’s worth considering the following points:-

  • Is it in your budget to rent or lease a large office?
  • Will your client base expect you to have a dedicated office?
  • Do you need flexibility in your office terms?
  • Do you want to work in an environment with other people?

If you’re asking yourself these questions, then a shared office space in Brisbane might be just the solution for your aspiring business.

So what exactly is a shared office?

When you’re looking for shared office space, you might also come across other terms for this service like serviced offices, business centre, business hub, shared desks, co-working space or co-working spaces. Whatever you want to call them the concept is the same.

Shared office space are offices that come fully equipped with all the furnishings, phones desks, printers, meeting rooms and everything you would need to run your business. You simply bring your laptop, your mobile, your favourite coffee cup (not essential) and you’re ready to work.

Typically shared offices will be shared with other entrepreneurs and business owners which can certainly have benefits in terms of having access to other professionals for advice, support and social contact.

What are the benefits to using a shared office service?

There are several benefits to using a shared office as it provides flexibility and a group environment to work in. Here’s just a few of the benefits of finding a shared office space for rent in Brisbane.

Great location
We’re located in Milton so just on the outer edge of the CBD. This means you won’t have the hustle and bustle of inner city traffic or the jostling of thousands of commuters on public transport, but you get the benefit of being incredibly close to the city (about a 5 min drive) and being able to utilise the restaurants and shops along Park Road and other areas of Milton.

Flexible plans
Only need an office for a few days, a couple of weeks or several months? A temporary office or shared office space can cover this. We have daily, weekly and monthly plans available.

Flexible space
If your team suddenly grows or you get others in to help you with a particular project, shared offices can accommodate quick or exponential growth easily.

Access to other professionals
One of the great things about working in an environment with other people is that you get to bounce ideas off them and ask for advice. That combined with having access to other professionals that you may be able to utilise is a great bonus when signing up for shared professional office space.

24/7 access*
Some shared offices only open during business hours. We understand that entrepreneurs, startups and online and small businesses don’t always work ‘traditional’ office hours.
*This is an optional extra

Access to additional services
Need a training room for 20 people or want to get secretarial services? No problem, we’ve got you covered. Here at Milton Business Centre we have a range of additional features you can tack onto your shared office space like VOIP phones, high speed internet and discounts to training rooms and virtual office packages.

Ability to upgrade to a more private and dedicated space
Want an office for you or your team and don't want to spend a fortune. We have serviced office rentals available for teams of 1 to 6 on flexible terms with offices available for as little as $800+GST. Serviced Offices are dedicated offices configured to match your needs and we supply all the basics so you can move in and get going.


How do I sign up for a shared office?

This is the easy part. All you need to do is call us on 1800 629 143 or visit the contact us page and contact us about our shared executive office space and we can give you all the different options and associated fees etc.


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