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When you sign up for an affordable virtual office space, what are you really getting? Is it the address, the reception services, the features, the optional extras? This will really depend on what you want out of your virtual office and how you expect to use it.

As you will see as we go through this article, not all cheap virtual offices are created equal. You might think you’re getting a great deal when you find a virtual office company that only charges you pittance for their virtual office services, but what are you really getting and is it a sustainable business model for them (meaning are they going to be around in another year’s time?).

Affordable vs Cheap

This is something you will need to consider when looking for virtual office packages around Brisbane as there’s a big difference between affordable and cheap. When we talk about cheap we mean low budget price, but unfortunately that also usually means low service (or no service) and no additions or add ons. You need to decide if that’s going to work for you and your office setup.

When we talk about affordable, we’re not talking about getting the cheapest rate, we’re talking about whether or not the value in the service is something you can afford. If the service helps you get more customers, run your business better or creates a better customer experience or increases your brand value, think about what that’s worth and analyse that cost compared to the cost of a virtual office setup in Brisbane.

When you start looking at the costs of a virtual office in that way, you will soon realise that sometimes paying a little extra is well worth it.

How much does a cheap virtual office cost?

This will really depend on where you want your virtual office to be. Whilst we use the term ‘virtual office address’ the thing you need to remember is that it’s still a physical address usually located somewhere in or near the city. If you’re a company in Brisbane you most likely will want to have your company address somewhere near the Brisbane CBD, right?

The cost of your ‘cheap virtual office’ will also depend on what’s included in your package, as there are many additions and extras that can soon make your cheap virtual office an expensive virtual office.

From what we’ve seen, cheap virtual office services can cost anywhere from $60 to $200 a month depending on the type of service you want. That’s why our virtual office costing is $100 a month. We add a lot into our packages and we know that our virtual office services are some of the best in Brisbane. If you call us on 1800 629 143 you’ll find out why.

What’s included in a Virtual Office

This is where you really need to start asking questions and reading the fine print. Looking at what different virtual office packages offer, you will soon see that there’s a wide variety of services and variations in pricing, additions and what’s included for the price.

In terms of what we offer, we have four easy-to-understand packages available and here’s a breakdown of what’s included in each one.

Address Only virtual offices
When a virtual office provider offers address-only virtual offices this means you’re able to use the address of the provider to have mail, etc forwarded. This enables you to have a CBD address on your website and business cards.

Our address-only virtual office service includes:-

If all you need is an address near the Brisbane CBD, then this is the package for you.

Phone Only virtual offices
Phone only virtual offices are great for businesses that only require a business phone number and receptionist services in Brisbane. If you only require a local Brisbane phone number and not a physical address, then a phone-only virtual office package is worth looking into.

Our phone-only virtual office service includes:- 

Total Virtual Office Packages
If you’re looking for a total virtual office package that does everything, we can certainly help you out with that. Our Ultimate pack comes with everything you would need to ensure you get the highest level of virtual office service available.

Here’s a rundown of what’s included:-

So as you can see there’s a wide range of different options available when looking into ‘cheap’ or ‘affordable’ virtual office packages in Brisbane.

Hopefully we’ve given you reason to call us and if you’d like to talk to us more about how we may be able to help you with a virtual office address, please call us today on 1800 629 143.


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