1. The Licensee agrees to pay the Licence Fees together with any Service Charges which may be incurred and any other additional service charges, credit bureau charges, government fees and taxes including GST incurred by the Licensor in relation to the occupancy, on the date stated in Part 1, Clause 10 on time to the Licensor. Late payments will incur account management fees and interest charges.
  2. A fully refundable security deposit equal to one (1) calendar month's Licence Fees is required on commencement of this agreement. The deposit will be refunded at the conclusion of the agreement and is subject to the payment of all outstanding invoices and other expenses.
  3. A minimum occupancy period of one (1) months shall apply to all Licence to Occupy Agreements, unless agreed upon beforehand by the Licensor.
  4. The Licensor will take all reasonable steps to ensure the Licensee has quiet enjoyment of the premises.
  5. The Licensee may only use the premises for the Licensee’s business as stated in Part 1, Clause 11 and must not use the premises for an illegal purpose, or cause a nuisance by use of the premises or interfere with the reasonable peace, comfort or privacy of any other occupant of the Milton Business Centre ("MBC").
  6. The Licensor will ensure that the MBC is reasonably clean and maintained in a good state of repair at all times. The Licensee must keep the premises and any plant, equipment, fixtures and fittings (“inclusions”) reasonably clean, having regard to the condition of the premises and must not damage the premises or the inclusions.
  7. If the Licensee knows or ought to know that the premises or inclusions have been damaged, the Licensee must give notice of the damage to the Licensor as soon as possible. The Licensor will arrange for an approved repairer to fix the damage and the Licensee may be required to pay the cost of these repairs if deemed necessary.
  8. The Licensor may, from time to time, make rules for the use and occupation of the MBC. The Licensee agrees to abide by those rules as varied from time to time. The Licensee acknowledges that the Licensor is the tenant of Level 3, 349 Coronation Drive, Milton, and accordingly the licensee agrees to also abide by any conditions of occupation as may be imposed by the registered owner of the building.
  9. The Licensee must not transfer, assign or sublet its occupancy rights under this agreement. If exceptional circumstances arise such that the Licensor is required to terminate the lease on the building prior to termination of the Licensee’s agreed occupancy term, the Licensor will use it’s reasonable endeavours to reinstate the Licensee in another adjacent centre to an equivalent standard.
  10. If the Licensee is in breach of this agreement, the Licensor may serve written notice on the Licensee to remedy the breach. If the Licensee does not remedy the breach within three (3) business days of the Licensee's receipt of the notice, the Licensor may terminate this agreement and remove the Licensee from the premises. The Licence Fees are required to be paid until the expiration of the term of the occupancy.  The Licensee agrees to indemnify the Licensor against all losses damages and expenses which the Licensor may sustain or be put unto by reason of any neglect, misconduct, or breach by the Licensee of any condition of this agreement. The Licensee will upon the expiration or determination of the occupancy deliver up to the Licensor peaceably and quietly possession of the premises.
  11. Reinstatement of the premises (repairs & repainting if necessary) shall take place before termination of the occupancy. When alterations have been made, the premises must be returned to its original state before termination of the occupancy. Any cabling or equipment installed into the building by or on behalf of the Licenee must be removed and any affected areas reinstated before termination of the occupancy.  The Licensor reserves the right to charge such additional and reasonable fees for any repairs required above and beyond normal wear and tear. Licence Fees will continue until this work is completed satisfactorily.
  12. This agreement may be brought to a conclusion at the end date as stated (Part 1, Clause 7), under the provision that notice has been received as per the conditions stated in Part 3, Clause 13. If no notice or late notice is received, by default the agreement will be automatically renewed for the same term.
  13. If the licensee does not wish for the agreement to be renewed, they must supply the Licensor with at least one (1) calendar months notice in writing to advise their termination. A “calendar month” is one (1) month commencing on the first day of a calendar month and finishing on the last day of that same calendar month (e.g. the whole of June, the whole of July etc).
  14. If the Licensee leaves any property at or in MBC at the conclusion of their occupancy, it is agreed that the Licensor shall not be considered a bailee of the property. The Licensor will not be obliged to attempt to contact the Licensee with regard to the collection of the said property or will it be in any way responsible or liable for any loss of or damage to the property. It is further agreed that the Licensor shall be at liberty after the expiration of a period of thirty (30) days from the vacation of the premises by the Licensee to dispose of the said property. At it’s option the Licensor may charge the Licensee the reasonable costs incurred by it in disposing of the property. In the event that the Licensor elects to sell the property the Licensor will have no obligation to pay any part of the proceeds of sale to the Licensee.
  15. The Licensor will not in any circumstances be liable for any loss to the Licensee’s business, for any loss of profits or any other economic or emotional loss, financial loss or loss and or damage to data, any third party claims or any consequential loss arising for whatever reason. The Licensor strongly advises the Licensee to insure against any and all such potential loss, damage, expense or liability.
  16. If in the event of a dispute, both parties agree to discuss their issues amicably and seek 3rd party mediation if it has been agreed by both parties that such an action is required.


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