If you’ve got a meeting you need to run in Brisbane but don’t have a central office, then hiring out meeting space is the perfect solution for you. By finding a meeting room for rent in Brisbane, you and your clients can meet in a central location, have all the privacy and quiet you need (unlike a coffee shop or cafe) and you can get down to the business of making deals and moving your business forward.

Meeting room hire gives you the unique opportunity of getting a room close to the Brisbane CBD that everyone can find easily, whilst having access to all the necessary IT equipment you might need for a meeting, presentation or pitch. Your clients will also get a professional front desk greeting when they walk through the door.

Finding the right meeting room in Brisbane can be a bit of a challenge, but if you know what you’re looking for and what to ask, it’s a very straight forward process. We’re here to help you figure out the things you should think about and the questions you might want to ask when enquiring about meeting rooms for hire in Brisbane.

Dedicated point of contact

Having one point of contact is incredibly important as it helps you to build a relationship with the company you’re hiring a meeting room from as you’re dealing with the same people at each contact point.

Different people every time you talk to a company means things can get lost in translation or messages get lost and this is the last thing you need when trying to organise multiple people and requirements for your important meetings.

Having a single point of contact also means that if you need to hire out rooms on more than one occasion, your customer service rep will know what business type you have, what your needs will be and be able to help you accordingly.

Question to ask – “Will I have a single point of contact when I’m organising to hire a meeting through your company?”

Adequate Power Sockets

This may seem trivial but it can quickly turn your meeting into a non-event if multiple delegates, clients or potential customers arrive with laptops that need charging. Ensuring there’s enough power points or at least the option of having a power board and an extension cord.

Question to ask – “I’m going to have X number of people in my meeting that will need to plug in their laptops, can you confirm there’s going to be enough power points in the meeting room?”


Sufficient IT Requirements

Making sure that all your associates can access the internet or being able to connect your computer to a smart display or projector are pretty routine IT requirements. Figuring out your IT requirements before contacting meeting room venues in Brisbane will enable you to ask the right questions when talking about your IT requirements. Question to ask – “I’m going to need (add your IT requirements here) in my meeting room. Are you able to provide this?”

Accessibility of the buildings and rooms

This is particularly important if you have clients or associates who are in wheelchairs or have difficulty getting up stairs. Making sure you have a building and meeting room that’s easily accessible means that everyone can get to the meeting with ease and being able to get to the room isn’t something that needs to be organised or arranged.

Question to ask – “I’ve got a client who’s in a wheelchair. How accessible are your meeting rooms?”

Central Location

By renting a meeting room that’s in a central location to the Brisbane CBD, you’re ensuring that everyone is able to get to your presentation, pitch or meeting easily. This also means you will have options for lunch or other meals close by with a variety of choices. Public transport is close by and parking is usually always sufficient and within a convenient proximity to the rooms (unless parking is offered by the meeting venue which is even better!).

Question to ask – “Where are your rooms located and what are they close to?”


It’s always nice to find out what is and what isn’t included in your room price. Does it cost extra to have water or mints on the table for example? Are pens and paper included in the cost or will you need to provide these yourself?

Question to ask – “Can you let me know everything that’s included with the cost of hiring the meeting room?”


These are the main points you will want to clarify when talking with a meeting room venue in Brisbane. If you’re looking for a meeting room we a great range of rooms available in Milton, please look no further than the Milton Business Centre. We would love to chat with you about your meeting room requirements to feel free to call us on 1800 629 143 or contact us.




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